Factories, warehouses, and large apartment complexes all share one thing. They utilize commercial roofs.

A commercial roof is a critical component of any infrastructure needing the benefit of its flat surface.

It protects your assets, employees, customers, and residents, ensuring a safe and functional space. However, over time, commercial roofs can face various challenges that require attention—a range of challenges that Duro-Last Roofs don’t struggle with…

Here are common challenges of Commercial Roofs

1. They’re more susceptible to leaks.

A leaking roof is a nightmare for any business owner or property owner. Over time, commercial roofs deteriorate due to environmental factors like intense UV rays, temperature fluctuations, severe weather, and harsh environmental elements.

Because acts of nature are outside of our control, commercial roofs are exceptionally susceptible to cracks, holes, and weak areas that invite water to slip through.

2. Ponding water is almost inevitable.

After it rains or snows, it’s normal for puddles of water to form on flat surfaces. Usually, the water is either drained or evaporated before it causes any damage. However, if water puddles for over 48 hours, it sometimes creates small pools called Ponding Water.

There are several issues that arise from ponding water on a commercial roof besides leaks. For instance:

    •  It can cause structural damage from excess weight from the water, especially in areas that are already deteriorating.
    •  It can damage the roofing materials by degrading, cracking, or weakening its protective features.
    •  It can inhibit the growth of vegetation and algae, which can affect the roof’s material or drainage system.

3. Risks of poor insulation are high.

While everyone likes their a/c in the summer and toasty heat in the winter, no one likes an absurd energy bill. Poor insulation can result in energy inefficiency that increases heating and cooling costs.

Often, with commercial roofs, there are a number of factors that impact the roof’s insulation quality, such as:

    • The roof’s design and functionality. It’s common for buildings with commercial roofs to add HVAC equipment and solar panels on the top. Which means it needs proper access. In return, functional aspects of the roof may compromise the insulation quality.
    •  Cost considerations. While building owners and developers want a successful project, budget costs are a significant driving factor for what kind of insulation is installed around the commercial roof.
    • The city’s code compliance. Because every city’s code compliance varies, the minimum insulation requirement may not
      be enough to ensure the best quality.

This is why Duro-Last Roofs are a better option

1. They’re more durable.

Duro-Last Roofs are renowned for their durability. Not only are they precisely made in controlled factory conditions, but the materials used are known to consider factors like leak susceptibility, weakening points, and harsh environmental factors. Overall, the quality of these roofing systems benefit greatly from reduced maintenance costs and long-term peace of mind.

2. Your building’s roof doesn’t need to surrender to a one-size-fits-all option.

Customizing your building’s roof is a beneficial way for your building to stand out and be unique.

Because of how Duro-Last Roof materials are manufactured, clients can pick and choose which elements best fit the unique needs of their commercial building, better enhancing the performance, aesthetics, and efficiency of the roofing system.

3. Save money on energy bills.

Did you know Duro-Last Roofs are known as cool roofs? A cool roof is one that has a high solar reflectance. Because the materials of a Duro-Last Roof are reflective, the roof itself doesn’t absorb as much heat as other roofs.

And since the materials are customizable, you’re able to have your HVAC equipment, solar panels, and rooftop access without compromising on your roof’s insulation. Pretty cool, right?

Investing in a Duro-Last Roof is a no-brainer.

Given the challenges commercial roofing faces and a Duro-Last Roof’s ability to combat those common challenges, it’s a no-brainer as to why it stands out as a reliable and durable solution—along with a warranty system that’ll give you peace of mind. Since it’s customizable, let’s see how a Duro-Last Roof will look on your roof.

It’s important to have a commercial roofing contractor that you can depend on for your building’s needs and MacDermott Roofing in the Detroit area are the ones to call. Our roofing team handles all aspects of commercial roofing services including Duro-Last roofing systems. As an Elite Master Contractor, businesses throughout the area turn to us for their roofing needs. Connect with us and let us know how we can help your building today.