Have you ever seen a commercial building with a high-pitched roof? Probably not, and there is a reason for that. Actually, there are several. Roofs with a large slope might be nice for houses, but they are impractical for commercial buildings. The very slight pitch a flat roof has is simply to drain water so that rain doesn’t create a pool.

So, what are the advantages of a flat roof for your commercial building?

Flat roofs are cheaper than high-pitched ones, easier to walk on, safer to repair, and can go on much quicker than sloped ones, depending on the materials you choose. You can also use it as a storage area for outdoor equipment.

If you have concerns about what material is best for your building’s flat roof, the roofing contractors at MacDermott Roofing specialize in Duro-Last, a roofing system worth considering. Their expertise helps point you in the right direction for your company’s needs.

So, Why Choose a Flat Roof?

You want to keep operating costs down for your business, but every building needs a sturdy roof, so it would be smart financially to get the best roof at the lowest price. This is where choosing a flat roof fits your bottom line. Because flat roofs are easier to put on and require less labor and materials, they are the cheaper option for your building.

Maintenance is important for any commercial building, and inspecting your structure is much easier and safer than walking on a flat roof. You can make sure the air conditioning vents are not blocked, check for proper water drainage, and clear off any debris while being confident in your footsteps.

So, Are There Any Cons to Consider?

Nothing is perfect, and roofs are no exception, but when they are installed correctly, you should not need a new one for about 20 years, depending on the materials. The cons to a flat roof concern how well you match the materials you choose for your roof to the environment your building is in.

There are some materials, like polyvinyl chloride plastic, that are durable and lightweight, but in consistently cold environments, they may experience cracking. This is why it is critical to talk with an expert about your choice of materials and every aspect of your building, and not just the price. The roofing experts at MacDermott Roofing work with and install Duro-Last Roof Systems. There are many benefits to consider with this type of roof, especially for the long term.

Other factors to consider are the color of your material and the foot traffic your roof gets. Cons of a dark roof are that it will collect heat and UV rays, which may make it hard to keep the building cool in the summer. You will also need stronger materials if there are constantly people walking around or heavy equipment stored on the roof.

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So, How Do You Maintain a Flat Roof?

The roof should be kept clear of debris. It should also be inspected regularly for cracks or breaks in the seams. If any pooling occurs, it must be cleared out immediately before any leaks begin. Inspections of the roof should be done both on the outside and from the inside to look for any signs of leakage.

So, How Fast is Flat Roof Installation?

The installation time for a flat roof depends on the size of the building and the materials. Traditional built-up roofing (BUF) is very durable but takes a little bit longer to install than newer plastic materials because of the layers involved. Considering the time to take off the old roof, a flat roof could be installed within a few days but depends on the size of the building and what the needs of the building.

In Review

Investing in a flat roof for your commercial building is a smart choice financially and strategically for the future of your business and the safety of your employees. If you have questions about your commercial roof or are in need of commercial roofing services including roof replacement or repair, contact MacDermott Roofing in the Metro area.

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