When an unexpected event damages the roof of your industrial building, taking swift action becomes vital. As experts in commercial roofing, we fully comprehend the urgency of such circumstances. This article aims to provide you with essential guidance on handling emergency roof repairs effectively.

Our goal is to help you mitigate potential damage and protect your valuable investment with a commercial roof that is in check.

Prioritize Safety and Assessment

Ensuring the safety of individuals on your premises is of utmost importance during any emergency situation. Prior to addressing any roof damage, it is crucial to verify that all staff members are safely away from potential harm. Never underestimate the various risks associated with roof damage, including loose materials, unstable structures, or electrical hazards.

Once the area has been determined to be safe, it is important to conduct a comprehensive visual assessment of the roof. Take note of any visible indications of damage such as cracks, leaks, or materials that have become displaced. Capture the extent of the damage through photographs or videos as evidence for insurance claims and professional evaluation.

Contain Leaks and Water Intrusion

A leaky roof can wreak havoc inside a building, causing damage to valuable assets and disrupting daily operations. Immediate action is crucial when identifying a leak. Take prompt measures to contain the water intrusion by placing buckets, containers, or any suitable receptacle beneath the leak. This will effectively catch dripping water and prevent its spread to other areas.

Clear Drains and Gutters

Clogged drains and gutters can worsen roof damage, especially when heavy rainfall occurs. It becomes crucial to maintain these systems devoid of debris to allow efficient water flow away from the roof. Take precautions to remove any leaves, twigs, or other obstructions that could impede proper drainage. Adequate drainage significantly reduces the risk of water accumulation on your roof, which may eventually result in structural issues in the long term.

Temporary Repairs – A Band-Aid Solution

In certain situations, individuals may find it necessary to address immediate concerns and minimize further harm while waiting for professional assistance. If minor cracks or punctures are identified, one can utilize repair materials such as roofing cement or sealants as a temporary solution. Applying these substances with care will effectively cover the damaged areas and prevent water infiltration.

However, it’s important to note that temporary repairs only offer a short-term solution. For a longer-lasting fix, it is highly recommended to have professional roofing experts thoroughly examine and address the damage.

Tarp It Up – Protect and Secure

When facing extensive damage or lacking immediate professional assistance, utilizing tarps can offer a practical temporary solution. Begin by unrolling a tarp over the affected area and securing it tightly to prevent wind from infiltrating beneath. Acting as protective shields, tarps effectively ward off further water intrusion until a roofing team of experts can address the issue.

Seek Professional Assistance

While taking quick actions can provide temporary damage mitigation, it is crucial to seek professional assistance for a sustainable resolution. Emergency roof repairs necessitate the expertise of trained roofing professionals such as MacDermott Roofing, who conduct thorough roof inspections, pinpoint hidden damages, and suggest the most suitable course of action.

Professional roofers possess the necessary expertise, proficiency, and tools to effectively and safely handle emergency situations. They are capable of addressing the underlying causes of damage and executing comprehensive repairs that significantly prolong the lifespan of your roof.


During an emergency, acting swiftly and with knowledge can be crucial in preventing additional damage to your industrial building’s roof. It is important to prioritize safety by conducting a thorough assessment, promptly containing any leaks, clearing drains, and considering temporary measures such as patching or tarping until professional assistance is available.

Emergency roof repairs should always be entrusted to professionals. By engaging the expertise of a reputable commercial roofing company, you can ensure that your roof receives the meticulous attention it deserves. This proactive step will safeguard your business from future complications and provide peace of mind.

Staying prepared, safe, and proactive in maintaining your industrial building’s roof is crucial. A well-maintained roof acts as the first line of defense against the elements, providing protection and ensuring the longevity of your valuable assets. If you live in the Metro area, reach out to MacDermott Roofing for commercial roofing services you can depend on, including Duro-Last roof systems.