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Regardless if you are repairing a new commercial roof or installing a new one, commercial roof repair is crucial. We understand that long term thinking concerning your commercial roof system can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Many people do not even think about setting up a effective commercial roof repair program throughout Clinton Township and beyond.

At MacDermott Roofing, we take pride in offering repairs and maintenance for our valued clients and their manufacturing, industrial or commercial buildings.

Our team of skilled flat roofing professionals can help you increase the life of your commercial building. Our qualified roof technicians and industrial roof restoration pros will detect your roof leak or possible hazards on any commercial roof and develop a unique repair remedy to solve the problem and stop water from entering the building. Relax knowing, our repairs will address any problem that you might be having that needs leak repair for your commercial building.

The most vulnerable part of a commercial building in Clinton Township MI, is the roof as it is constantly exposed to the rain, snow and sun. It is of the greatest importance that it be constructed of the highest quality material, and that scheduled maintenance is done to ensure that any flaw that develops in the roofing system is rectified right away – before it can damage other parts of the building.

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If You’re Looking for A Commercial Roof Repair company in Clinton Township, You Are In The Right Place!

MacDermott Roofing has been repairing and maintaining the roofs of commercial structures for a long time and our qualified, and trained crew is equipped with the newest solutions and current education to manage any issue that may appear. While a industrial roofing system can produce flaws in numerous areas, we have observed that many problems fall under one of these types:

Water Leaking Through the Roof – If water builds up on the rooftop there’s a higher chance of it seeping inside the building. If leaks are not found for a long time it can cause rusting of the steel deck of your roof. The resultant damage can be costly to restore and we suggest that you give us a call immediately when you identify any damage in your roofing system to ensure we guide you on the best action to be taken.

Defects in Roof Flashing – The stability of flashing installed around the roof to preserve the location where it joins the wall is important to avoid seepage of water in the building. If the flashing is compromised it’ll permit water to flow through. Most importantly, any delay in repairing this crucial component of the roof will lead to pricey repairs at a later point in time.

Skylights – Although skylights may provide value they are predisposed to allowing water to find it’s way in the building if the area near the structure isn’t well sealed. Slow leakage can result through the roof and cause damage to the interior of the facility. Call today to learn how we can help with repairs on your facility in Clinton Township MI.

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MacDermott Roofing completely replaced our roof including some of the metal decking that was rotted out for our commercial office building in Fraser, MI. Their crew was on time and very professional and they completed all of their work on time and cleaned up all their debris. I would highly recommend this company for any roof replacement or repair.

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